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Company Profile

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Founded in 2005, Shenzhen Nantai Technology Co. Ltd have been dedicating to USB storage products over 10 years.Main products are USB flash drives and power bank ,accessories of mobile phone ,etc.


Nantai Business involves design and manufactures USB flash drives and power bank for global distributors, re-sellers, retailers, OEM and ODM customers.


Our USB flash drive has passed CE, Rohs and FCC approval to fulfill clients of different area.As one of the leading manufacturers, we make sure we deliver the best possible products at the best possible prices. With the most professional technical support, fastest delivery, strict quality control, we offer the most flexible customization to meet the demand of each customer.Our QC team monitors the production process and conducts quality controls prior to its delivery to make sure your product complies with your requirements.


All of the products featured on our website are designed to be used as promotional items or promotional incentives. Our range of products has been chosen for their branding ability. Online Sales staff with three years of experience are ready to answer your call at every moment.


Our outsourcing and R&D team keep launching innovative and diversified gifts regularly so as to fulfill clients of different industries. A dynamic industry like ours thrives on new and innovative ideas, and companies will always be chasing the next “hot” product to sell. We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business!