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2015.03.27:new product smart watch U12 will be global sale in April

2015.03.27:new product smart watch U12 will be global sale in April

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Smart Watches Posted: Smart watch U12


U12 Smart watch will be Global sale in April.

U12 Smart watch was perfectly compatible IOS&ANDROID,Built-in light heart rate Sensor, through ecg electrodes to detect human ecg signal, output synchronization Heart Throb of the pulse signal, high accuracy measurement results, and quick start, induction sensitive, any environment test are stable ...


24 hours record the movements of the wearer, record the mileage, steps,and calories, make the wearer know all day’s movement distance, consume calories. For the dedicated users of weight loss and exercise provides real-time monitoring service … …

Sleeping Management

Wearing IT when you are sleeping, track your overall Sleep quality of the night. You can see the Sleep depth, allow yourself to learn more about  yourself,  then make a reasonable adjust schedules,  develop better sleep habits … …

Step Gauge Management

Enjoy sports, release your hands

Built-in Pedometer function allows you to understand the movement distance, time, calories  anytime and anywhere with the unit steps, mileage.

Activities of the burning calories can be accurately calculated.

Accurate energy consumption be clear at a glance


Intelligent anti-theft

  Shopping, bus, subway, you will be not afraid someone steal your phone. This machine has intelligent anti-theft function. Phones away from the watch after a certain distance, Vibration warnings for watch will remind you ... ...

Looking For

the mobile phone when you can't find the phone, when the bitter troubles, don't forget our watches.Points to open looking for mobile phone interface, easily to hear music, no longer rummaging through, no longer hurry-scurry and depression …

Headphones, business health companion

Bluetooth music, fashion along with you

Connect the headphones, use it to call & answer Health care, at the same time, convenient, fashion...


NFC(Short-range wireless communication technology)

Pairing Shortcut, intelligent identification ...

NFC is a short-range high-frequency radio technology, in 13.56MHz Frequency operation within 20 cm distance. The transmission speed 106 Kbit / sec, 212 Kbit / s or 424 Kbit /sec three.
Between you and me, more secure, more intimate ...


Convenient operation Human-computer interaction is fluent accessibility Find more pleasure with your fingertips, easily, simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction ...

Everything is your fingertips ... ...

Built-in heart rate monitoring

The perfect combination of Intelligent communication watch & Built-in heart rate monitor

85% of the runners confirmed that the heart rate monitor can be very good to improve their training results, ensure the security of movement and improve  efficiency ... ...

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Once installed app, upload the data synchronization;

Sleeping, Pedometer, Heart rate fluctuations

Be clear at a glance ... ...